Marvelous Mapping Manipulation Monday (or “Mmmm” for short)

Recently, we launched 10 new enhancements to question types, including a brief overview of each.

Let’s delve slightly deeper into the Maps question type, a pretty cool and useful feature.

Maps is great for any time you want to tie your survey response set to a geographic location. seattle-locations

For example, the Maps question type used in a multi-store retail survey might:

  • identify a store where a purchase was made (assuming that information wasn’t easily available).
  • gather votes on potential new store locations.
  • branch to the Maps question type and ask for feedback on a more convenient location when a respondent indicates they had to go out of their way to make a purchase.

I’m sure there are others as well, and that’s just one industry type (retail); each industry will have its own set of uses.

How to Add a Maps Question Type to a Survey:

  1. Login to QuestionPro.
  2. Create a new survey (or edit an existing one).
  3. Add a new question.
  4. Choose “Maps” under Advanced Question Types.
Maps Question Type FAQs:

Q: Can I allow the respondent to select more than one location? A: Yes, you can currently allow them to select up to 5 locations. Q: Can I change the default location? A: Yes, when editing the question, search for the location you want to set as the default and then hit Save Question. And that’s all there is to it. Have a good use for the Maps question? Let us know in the comments!