QuestionPro and MindMeister Explore a Survey Mind Mapping Integration

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QuestionPro and Mindmeister partner, explore a survey mind mapping integration

We have announced an important partnership with MindMeister, exploring survey mind mapping integration, that we hope will modernize how surveys can be shared, vetted, and distributed. Today’s MindMeister partnership will aim to modernize data intelligence through the integration of our powerful survey analytics platform and MindMeister’s award-winning mind mapping software. This partnership will enable us to pool our technologies, knowledge, and resources, and combine the power of collaborative mind mapping with data analytics. By aligning data intelligence gathering with team collaboration, the software tools will enable user’s make faster and smarter decisions.

But First, What is Mind Mapping and Why is it important?  

Just from a business standpoint, Mind maps are a great tool to conduct all kinds of analyses and evaluations of your company, your products, and the market. A SWOT map will quickly show you strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; with a growth–share map you can get an overview of your product’s lifecycle; and the Four Ps of Price, Product, Promotion and Place will help you determine your offer. Using mind maps for your strategic planning enables you to:

  • Involve all team members: everyone can contribute to the mind map simultaneously by adding ideas, and by commenting and voting on topics.
  • Discover connections and correlations: mind maps help visualize links between seemingly unrelated items and provide a bird’s eye view of problems and opportunities.
  • Adapt as you go along: mind maps are flexible and can easily be edited and expanded during subsequent review meetings.

Read more about Strategic Planning With Mind Maps from the MindMeister blog.

Upcoming QuestionPro Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, August 24th as our very special guest Liam Hughes, will be discussing Communities and mind-mapping technologies. Join us for our Communities Webinar. Liam is the founder of; the world’s leading resource for mind mapping content, learning, and community. Biggerplate is home to thousands of free mind map templates and examples shared by more than 100,000 community members from around the world. We will partly delve into this potential integration and the opportunities between mind mapping technology and surveys.

So how will a Survey Mind Mapping integration help you?

Well, we are currently exploring many different possibilities with MindMeister. We have generated a ton of exciting ideas about what an integration between mind mapping and a survey tool could offer, and our respective development teams are at this moment discussing all the possibilities. Below are some ideas our respective teams are actively exploring:

  • QuestionPro Communities already has Open Ideation module where community members can create ideas and collaborate for prioritization and content. QuestionPro Communities can potentially include managing stages for ideas and the brainstorming stage. The MindMeister Integration has the potential to influence this heavily.
  • Using MindMeister, we are also exploring an integration with QuestionPro Workforce.   The potential is to create tasks for stakeholders and assign actions based on the results from a WorkForce survey

How You Can Help

The survey mind mapping integration’s major goal is to help you collaborate. So before we drill down the details, we want to collaborate with you. How will Mindmapping enhance your survey creation, distribution, and analysis?  Do you see a use with tracked brainstorming, ideation, and outreach? QuestionPro and MindMeister are currently exploring integration opportunities, but we want you to collaborate with us so that you can help shape our roadmap. Our friends at MindMeister have created a QuestionPro and MindMeister Feature Ideas Wiki Mind Map, which enables anyone to go in and make recommendations. Simply click on the map and provide us with your ideas, suggestions, and wishes – wherever you feel is best.