View the QuestionPro Mobile App in Landscape Mode

View the QuestionPro Mobile App in Landscape Mode

Mobile App in Landscape Mode

Today everyone relies on the mobile phone to some extent in order to fulfill some of the basic needs. But remember the days when mobile phone screens used to be tiny and colorless? People still had fun and enjoyed them. But – well, obviously times have changed. Now we’re crazy about phones that don’t fit in our palms and we’ve forgotten about phones that fit the jean front pocket!

Yes, I’m looking at you – 6-inch screen phones. The user experience is eye-catching as now images and videos are displayed in good resolution – however, it was not all so rosy from the beginning. Images use to get truncated or distorted.

But then life got better when landscape mode got introduced to mobiles. Once in landscape mode, the user experience became different – way better. Images, videos could be viewed in full-screen mode.

Now, what exactly is a landscape mode?
Landscape mode is a feature which was implemented to enhance the user experience by displaying the device screen in a horizontal orientation mode. All the images or videos or games can now be viewed or played in horizontal mode

You can use the QuestionPro – Offline Surveys app in the horizontal mode as well – and have a better experience while surveying your customers. All you have to do is, Enable the auto mode to rotate on your mobile device and – bingo! The app auto-adjusts as per the screen resolution.

All the standard question types such as Single select, Multi-select, Comment box, multi-point scale, etc. and Advance question types, such as Net promotor score, Lookup tableConjoint are supported in landscape mode.

The best part is, the kiosk mode can now be used along with the horizontal mode on our QuestionPro – Offline Surveys and offline mobile app makes it more user-friendly.