QuestionPro Mobile provides end-to-end mobile solutions, enabling you to take surveys on mobile devices, including iPad’s, iPhones, Android tablets and other smartphones. A mobile-optimized survey is a survey that’s easy to read and respond to using a small touchscreen device. The text is larger and the buttons easier to click. QuestionPro Mobile even has the capability to take surveys offline, and sync information when brought into WiFi….

Save and Print Survey as a Pdf
I met a few friends of mine over the weekend and of course, work, as usual, came up as one of the topics. They work in Travel, Hospitality, and Telecommunications. Myself, being in Market Research, I was naturally interested in how the companies they work for, get in touch with their customers and get feedback….

Store Locator Question Type
If you’ve never heard the term store locator feature or the fact that QuestionPro offers Store Locator question type then you should tune in now, especially if you’re a retail auditor, as this can make your life so much easier.
Cafes, restaurants, stores – all the retail spaces are researched and measured on different variables, including those related to operations, adherence to company policy, safety etc….

Mobile App in Landscape Mode
Today everyone relies on the mobile phone to some extent in order to fulfill some of the basic needs. But remember the days when mobile phone screens used to be tiny and colorless? People still had fun and enjoyed them. But – well, obviously times have changed. Now we’re crazy about phones that don’t fit in our palms and we’ve forgotten about phones that fit the jean front pocket!…

Kiosk Mode
I like to travel and explore new places a lot. Recently, I went on an amazing road trip with a few of my friends. On the way, we stopped at this shopping mall to freshen up and grab a bite, as you do on road trips.
Obviously, myself being a techie, I had to stop at the electronics store and go through the device section….