If you are already a fan of the offline mobile app, then get ready for a gorgeous facelift of the survey experience. If you are new to the idea of replacing the pen and paper with surveying with a mobile device, then this is the perfect opportunity to transition to a new way to collect and sync field research data together.


If your organization has a mobile app, then I have a question for you – How are you measuring the performance and customer experience of your mobile app among its users?
Besides reviewing ratings in the IOS and Android store, soliciting feedback on the app itself is difficult to quantify unless you build the proper functionalities that can support this level of engagement.

Mobile Applications (“apps”) are increasingly popular among organizations that are focused on heightening employee engagement, workforce communications, and productivity. Hopefully, you’re one of the organizations. And if not, we have some suggestions below for why you might want to be.  
Why I Need Mobile Technology in our Workplace?
Sure, Millennials expect it.

In the world of employee engagement, managers and HR personnel are looking for better ways to understand their employees in order to make critical business decisions that affect the organization. Instead of the annual employee survey that takes 30 or more minutes to complete, organizations are using the Workforce Pulse mobile application to stay connected, keep communications lines open, and allow employees to offer quick feedback while on the go.

About offline mobile survey app
Nearly 60% of the world’s population does not have access to the internet, according to the World Bank’s World Development Report 2016 and most of the offline population is concentrated in India and China. Although India is taking steps towards a digital transformation, about 96 crore Indians to date, do not have access to the internet.

From Non-Profits to Fortune 500 companies QuestionPro offline mobile app helps organizations from all sectors and segments to capture offline survey data with ease of conduct. The Offline Mobile App captures and stores information locally in the device and then syncs up online once within an internet connectivity zone.
However, like any other QuestionPro platform, our offline survey app is an evolving tool….