Millennials get a tough rap. If it’s not a news story about how entitled they act, they’re being told they’ll never be able to afford to buy a house because they spend their money on avocado toast. Maybe it’s not actually the toast—maybe they’re not able to purchase a home because 63% of millennials have more than $10,000 in student loan debt.

What is Wearable Technology?
Wearable technology encourages wearers to be more engaged in their health and lifestyle choices. In addition to being a fashionable accessory, wearables collect pertinent data that can be sent to the wearer’s physician. This market is growing at a rapid pace, with 1 in 5 Americans owning a wearable tech device. In contrast to a one-time blood pressure reading at an appointment, wearables provide data taken over a period of time, such as sleep patterns, heart rate, and activity levels.

We have entered the AI Chat-bot market! Our new product – Forms, was released this week. Forms leverages our existing survey platform to create survey and forms that are completed through an interactive chat front-end. Its takes 5 minutes to create a fully functional chat-bot from scratch – no coding required! All the while increasing your response rate by 500%!…

Mobile technology has quickly moved to the forefront of how we communicate and conduct business. As of November 2016, 77% of Americans now own a smartphone; that’s more than double the 35% from 2011. Businesses are well aware of this shift, with an emphasis being put on “mobile-optimized” everything – from ads to emails to shopping for groceries….

Save and Print Survey as a Pdf
I met a few friends of mine over the weekend and of course, work, as usual, came up as one of the topics. They work in Travel, Hospitality, and Telecommunications. Myself, being in Market Research, I was naturally interested in how the companies they work for, get in touch with their customers and get feedback….

Who would have imagined that this day would come? Certainly Steve Jobs and many others saw this coming years ago. We’ve moved from apps (ex/ Microsoft Outlook and Word) to the cloud (ex/ Gmail and Google Docs), to a rich app ecosystem on mobile devices. Regardless of how we’ve ended up here, it’s now obvious that app usage is widespread and growing.