Net Promoter Question – What it is and how does it make a difference in Customer Experience and Insight


Net Promoter Question is one of the most fundamentals of measuring real customer experience and your brand’s power of organic share-ability. It forms the basis of what we today call “customer experience surveys”, drawing from this fundamental question.

The Net Promoter Question is a simple yet powerful question:

“How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?” – That’s it! This is the question that can single handily determine if your product or service company is doing what it should to provide the right customer experience! The Net Promoter Question allows you to understand the most basic aspect of consumer perception, the very reason why you would want to provide a good customer experience – recurring customers and more customers from recommendations.

How can your business leverage the Net Promoter Question?

The Net Promoter Question gives you a calculated answer – not a speculative one! The response is captured on a scale of 0-10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest in terms of likeliness of brand recommendation and satisfaction.

Traditionally, if a score is from 9 to 10, those respondents would be considered as your brand promoters, 7-8 would be considered as passive and 0-6 would be taken as detractors. Your action areas would be for Promoters and Detractor – Promoters provide you with a critical opportunity of diving into your brand’s popularity among these customers, whereas, detractors call for the urgency of reaching out to these customers and preventing them from migrating to your competitors.

But what happens when you have a large customer base? And by large, we mean as large as 100 customers?

This is where the Net Promoter Question automated analysis comes in with QuestionPro CX. It allows you create, send and analyse automated Net Promoter Question reports in minutes with complete dashboard reports!