New Feature : Branching Randomizer

imageWe’ve added in a new feature based on conversations with a few clients – The Branching Randomizer.

The Issue:
If you are running a survey where you ask respondents to choose (multiple items) from a list (Products that have been used, or What services you are interested in? etc.) — Then for each item, you have a series of follow-up questions that dive deep into that item – ask in-depth questions for each of them.

The issue most designers are faced with is that your survey can turn out to be very lengthy. If you have 5 choices and for each choice have a 3-6 follow-up questions for your survey can be of variable length depending upon how many choices users choose with a maximum of 30 questions and a minimum of 1.

Now we all know the primary reason for drop outs and non-response is the length of the survey. The question then becomes how do you control the length of the survey in such situations. One easy solution (that we were recommending earlier to clients) was to limit the number of choices that the user can make in the first question — however in many cases, this is not feasable since we are loosing out on valuable data — in cases where users actually use more than 2/3 items. Moreover this would also lead to respondent confusion and frustration  —  “I would like to select 5 items, but the system only allows me to select 3 items etc.”

The Solution:
With the Branching Randomizer, you can LIMIT the number of items branch targets and randomly choose the items that the initial question branches to. For example, if the initial multiple choice question has the respondent choose from a list of 10 items (where the respondent can choose more than 1 item) — You can setup a Limit of say 3 items for branching — i.e. Users will be allowed to choose up to 10 items, but then the branching logic will be limited to 3 items. The 3 items will be randomly chosen from the items that the user has selected in cases where the respondent select more than 3.

Detailed Help and Setup Instructions: