Online Research Communities in 2017 and Beyond!

In an early post, I talked about how online communities are dominating and seem to be taking over the world. The GreenBook Research Industry Trends report has shown that online research communities have been the most successful and most widely adopted new research methodology. This speaks volumes about the importance they have in the research space and the vast insights that researchers get from them. I also talked about why they are taking off so rapidly and mentioned the following three reasons:  

Access to Customers

Online research communities give a company long term access to the thoughts, insights, and feelings on their customers. In addition, these companies have instant access to their customers and they can conduct research very quickly and get their results in less time as well.

Engagement Through Collaboration

With the additional tools available like Discussion or Idea Board module, the community sees higher levels of engagement and also collaboration between members. This helps to tease out even more insights as you now have members collaborating and offering their opinions and feelings so you get really good organic conversation and discovery as well.

Adoption of Social Media Networks  

The rise and widespread adoption of social media networks has likely been the most significant reason that online research communities are dominating. Essentially, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are a community where people can come together to connect and share their feelings and opinions. This is what an online research community is at it’s core.

Now, let’s look at what the future holds are online communities. In the technology space, there are many interesting things happening from AI to machine learning. We have virtual reality seeming to take off and even more data points in our increasingly connected world. Many of these same technologies will make it to online communities.

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