Online Surveys and Social Media

Doing branding or blind surveys used to be a real hassle because you’d have to recruit an expensive panel.  But that’s not the case anymore.  You can actually run a terrific blind survey by using the QuestionPro social media sharing feature.

This feature has been around quite a while, but it doesn’t get much use — mostly because we’ve been trained to think of blind branding surveys as beyond our budget or our reach.  But if you or your company have invested time and effort into developing an active social media community inside your industry or area of expertise, then this is where your investment really pays off.

How to use the social media integration feature

Simply begin by creating the survey you’d like to run.  When you’re done designing the survey, click on the “send” tab and choose “invite respondents” from the left-hand navigation.

You’ll get the option to post your survey to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  And even more exciting than that — your respondents will have the opportunity to share your survey with THEIR communities.  This is where you get the most bang for your time and effort.

For example: Media accountability is a topic that has been talk about a lot during the recent elections in the United States. There are institutions who monitor media and find out if the media house should be accountable for the news they are publishing. Due to such an incident the general population of the country started having different views regarding the news that was being published. It is a growing concern now not just in the United States but globally. In such a scenario, a media accountability survey can be conducted online to understand public opinions about media and what are the factors that make the media channel trustworthy. Such a survey can be carried out using the QuestionPro social media sharing feature. as a large target audience is required and in today’s world social media would be the best option to gather such data.