Optimal Price: What is & how to find it?

The optimal price is that sweet spot where it is possible to obtain good profits according to the product or need that we offer. This is very important for anyone who is dedicated to a commercial activity since it is a relatively simple way to obtain better results.

This article will mention everything you need to know about this concept and the methodologies that will help you in your business strategy.

Importance of Optimal Price

We can all ask ourselves this question. Every person has a scale of requirements from the minimum to the maximum. The satisfaction of these requirements is directly related to their price and how much you have to pay to meet them. We all have limited resources, so we try to find the most optimal option.

We try to meet our requirements for goods and services. For business owners, finding the Optimal Price responds to a utilitarian need. Finding this perfect point allows them to obtain the greatest amount of profit without affecting the perception of the final consumer.

Methods to find your optimal price

The market is always changing, so you must keep updating your prices accordingly to keep up with demand and production costs. Pricing Research is a tool that can help you set an optimal price successfully by looking at the customer’s opinion on your product’s value and helping you find the price that generates maximum sales and revenue.

Two of the most popular forms of pricing research are:

These forms are used to ask the respondent their likelihood of paying for a product or service at various price points and find the best quality-price average. You can find these tools and more as part of our survey software.

So, how do you find the optimal price point best suited to you? 

Product Cost

To calculate the cost of a product, you need to consider fixed costs and variable costs.

Variable costs can depend on your production level and external factors, like labor and material costs. Fixed costs are those that never change and remain constant during production fluctuations. The price you set will need to be adjusted to cover this cost at the minimum.


Analyzing the competition’s prices is key to seeing what customers are paying for a similar product you are trying to sell. If you want to set a higher price, you would need to offer higher rewards, so the customers are willing to pay the difference. 

Perceived Value

Doing research is key to finding the perceived value of your product among your potential customers. Every business’s goal is to create a product that has a higher perceived value than the actual production value. This can be done by elevating the customer experience, growing the brand’s recognition, and building trust with customers. 

Setting the optimal price value can be tricky to pin down. A product that is more on the expensive side can be perceived as having higher quality. But too expensive and out of reach for a higher number of potential buyers. A product that is too cheap will be perceived as low quality.

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What is considered optimal? 

From the price-quality ratio, we decide whether we need it. When the issue reaches the optimal price, the decision becomes more complicated․

The optimal price for the consumer is the price he is willing to pay for the given product or service. And what is the optimal price for the manufacturer? Any product, product, or service consists of the cost of how much it costs the manufacturer. Thus, the producer must sell it in order to make a corresponding profit. 

This is a more complicated process than buying. The market is being researched, the competitiveness of its products is being found out, and at what prices it will compete with the brands. Because the buyer has an idea of the product or service he wants to buy, he also has an idea of its approximate value. It follows that it is not necessary to offer the cheapest or most expensive price, but a competitive one. 

When people see the cheapest price, they will think that the product or service does not meet their standards, and they will not buy it. The manufacturer conducts research, selects the target consumer, and imagines its consumers’ solvency.

 We live in a world where everything has its price. The question is whether it is optimal or not. In order to find the optimal price of the product or service he wants, the consumer must get acquainted with the market, and foreign markets, take into account the travel expenses, analyze all that, then he will understand what the optimal price is, whether he is ready to pay the price for the product. 

If the consumer makes a decision to pay, he is convinced that he has made the right choice both in price and product. The most important thing in this whole process is the decision of the consumer to pay. If he has decided, then he has found the most optimal regardless of the price.

What is the need to find the optimal price?

The market is full of different goods and services, and people can not often make mistakes in their purchases. Thus, finding the optimal price for what you want to get saves money you reduce the probability of making a mistake.

Finding the optimal price for your products can be one of the most important decisions for your business. To calculate the optimal price point, you have to take multiple factors into consideration and decide what you are optimizing for.

For some companies, profitability is the number one priority. But if you are starting and want to get as much exposure as possible, you may want to focus on the number of goods sold before focusing on immediate profits. 

In QuestionPro, we are dedicated to helping you and your business to get the best insights and data on your customers. Our tools will help you to make the right choice and find the optimal price that will set you up for success.