How QuestionPro’s Survey Software is revolutionizing the state of Academic Research in India


About 1.5 years back in the summer of 2015, QuestionPro introduced a program that changed the reach, opportunities and results of academic research studies in India. The idea was simple, give talented young individuals in universities and colleges across India the World’s best survey software license for free and let the magic happen!

The implementation and result of this initiative was more than extraordinary, it was ground moving. In less than 2 years, QuestionPro and its survey software has powered academic research in all IIMs, IITs, NITs, XLRI and 1100+ other universities and colleges across the nation.

Academic software training and engagement

QuestionPro’s commitment to not just limited to providing free of cost survey software license to universities and colleges in India but also ensuring thorough training for every institution. We are engaged in continues drive to help students familiarize themselves with the software better such that every feature can be leveraged by them for different types of survey research studies.

This is part of a robust program to engage and help students and professors use our survey software which includes on-campus training, dedicated Edu Team for immediate query resolution and a 24*7 live chat and call support for any technical trouble-shooting.

This is training is currently at its peak as time of the year is when students are either already undertaking internships or are about to embark on their summer internships where a major part of their job profile is often conducting and analysing survey research studies for their organization.

Inspiring mobile-based research studies

What made things even more interesting was that we decided to also provide device keys for our QuestionPro Offline Mobile App to these institutions. This mobile app allows the user to capture and analyse survey data even if they are not within an internet coverage zone. The data is automatically synced online when the device catches an online network.

Now that students and professors have the QuestionPro Offline App, the result was a significant rise in field research studies. Earlier, only a few exceptional research studies were being done on field due to the lack of survey software support. In some case data was even being captured manually and then re-entered in their existing survey software for analysis. However, with the Offline Mobile App, academic researchers today freely undertake projects that require survey feedback from locations deep within the India’s remote landscape. Some have even undertaken Volcanic and Oceanographic studies where there is almost never an internet coverage.

Survey data driven innovation

We at QuestionPro understand that innovation requires critical data that cannot be Googled or guessed. In order to turn India into an innovation hub, we need young and energetic students and academicians to make data-oriented decisions with ease, which will correspond to increased innovation across India.

On speaking with these young students and their professors during our regular training sessions, we have come across amazing stories. We learned that our software has already powered some incredible survey research studies in institutions across India which that have the potential to shape the next generation of agricultural green revolution, logistics design innovation that can significant lower food wastage, business models that provide promising signs of shift in the way consumer outreach is done in India and several others that have already begun to re-shape our nations innovative landscape.