QuestionPro Acquires RapidEngage!


Here at QuestionPro, we’re all about finding ways to keep improving your experience and are constantly looking for new and innovative means for you to gather feedback. So, today, we’re excited to announce we’ve acquired RapidEngage, a website engagement micro-survey platform! We’re excited because of the new features and enhancements you’ll get to enjoy as a result.

Coming enhancements

You may already be familiar with the ability to embed surveys on your website. Currently, you can create a pop-up screen that overlays on your site, you can trigger a survey when someone closes the tab your website is on, you can open the survey in a new window, and you can embed the survey as part of your website.

With RapidEngage technology, we’re taking website feedback one giant leap forward.

Acquiring RapidEngage means we’ll be adding the following functionality:

  • Content targeting: engage with your visitors based on actions they’re taking on your site.
  • Real-time feedback: create micro-surveys that take seconds for your respondents to complete to get feedback about their experience with your site.
  • Page-specific feedback: create different micro-surveys for various pages on your site to get page-specific feedback from visitors.

All of this results in increased visitor engagement with your website while also providing another vehicle to get feedback from visitors about your site, with the goal of turning your site visitors into customers.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this acquisition and the expanded functionality it will bring to you!