Brace Yourself! QuestionPro Surveys Launch to New Heights this Month

QuestionPro Survey Update

New! Enhanced QuestionPro Surveys

Setting the Scene

Imagine this— you’ve just sent out your meticulously crafted survey to a specific, targeted audience. You’re feeling great about the work that went into it and look forward to studying some impactful and significant findings. Yet soon, much to your surprise – you find that only a small number of your audience even took the survey all the way through to completion! All the work and effort that went into the project hasn’t hit the mark, and the insights you’d hoped for are yet to be elucidated. Faced with the challenge to salvage your survey project, an analysis of the content, delivery, and survey taking experience is needed. For this piece, we’ll focus on how the survey taking experience influences data collection.


An Opportunity Presented

For some time now, we at QuestionPro have realized that these types of scenarios do happen – more often than anybody would want! The question is – what can we do about it and how can we turn the situation into an opportunity to not only capture that audience – but to empower our clients in maximizing engagement with them.

First Impressions Matter – Even for Surveys

We know that first impressions can make all the difference with these situations – and, showing from the “front-door” onwards that a QuestionPro survey is clear, straightforward, and inviting to take has been top-of-mind in what we’ll be introducing. With a clear focus on a client’s brand, take a look below at how directly a user’s experience is curated to project both the purpose and questions at hand:

You’ll see that now, a clear and clean aesthetic permeates the entire survey. We’ll be focused on maintaining the consistency of this approach – minimizing any distractions, instead of creating a crystal clear experience – maximizing the attention a user has to effectively respond to the survey questions.

Anchored Theming

To enhance branding capabilities and recognition – we’ve moved to anchor the experience on a single color. This will allow survey administrators to select brand matching colors that flow through all engagement points with the survey respondents.

With the new anchored themes, all question types will appear cleaner, more direct, and more vibrant than they’ve ever been. When you take a survey, you’ll feel an unforced yet effortless flow between question types that will give you a seamless and straightforward experience.

anchor theming

Mobile Optimized

We currently are featuring a mobile-first, responsive design that can not only encompass a diverse array of themes- but of course function optimally on a diverse array of devices as well.

Looking Ahead

In addition to our responsive launch, we eventually envision even a mobile-specific approach to highlight gestures, swiping, and screen usage. This will allow us another angle to engage with the tactile and gestural tendencies of users. For now, we imagine that the heightened focus on presentation and usability will strike an intuitive chord with survey-takers – giving a massive boost (and answer) to the opening question – how to ensure your audience not only starts surveys – but completes them!