QuestionPro Workforce now lets you add an alternate employee email address

Employee churn will never go away, whether voluntary or involuntary. When employees resign or retire, the attrition is considered voluntary, and when employees are let go, it is involuntary. Either way, organizations suffer a lot in terms of money, efforts, and time.

A study of more than 1000 employees revealed 31% of them quit their jobs within the first 6 months.

While staff attrition cannot be zero, organizations can certainly contain it. HR leaders and managers can reduce staff attrition with some effort.

A recent survey found out that for 87% of HR Managers, improved workforce retention was a key priority.

While there are quite a few things to do to avoid employee churn, communication is the most important. Being in constant touch helps flag the risk early. An attrition risk is always a retention opportunity. However, this is easier said than done. Much depends on the size and type of the organization, nature of the business, etc. You will eventually lose employees.

What is essential and extremely crucial is that employees are interviewed when they leave the organization. Exit surveys will give you insights into their reasons for their leaving. It can be anything from employee experience, compensation, benefits, office infrastructure, etc. Without speaking to the employees, all you can do is guess. Employees are candid and honest during exit surveys; you can get information that can help bring down your attrition percentage.

With QuestionPro Workforce, you can conduct staff exit interviews, gather data, and truly understand the reasons behind employee exits. You can now add an alternate email address for employees in the system. Many tools do not have the option, which hinders HR managers from getting crucial exit data. An employee leaving the organization is a significant loss; an even more significant loss is not knowing or understanding the reason behind that.

You can now stay in touch with employees post their exit, get to know the reasons behind the exit, and help bring the number down. With this new feature update:

  • You can upload these alternate email addresses anytime you wish. You have the option to import these or do a bulk import manually. 
  • You can have the alternate email addresses as the secondary mode of contact.
  • You can set rules, such as only exit surveys will go to the email address.
  • You can select from a range of pre-built templates.

Below are some screenshots to give you an idea of the update.

  • Building an exit survey from scratch


  • Using an existing framework for exit surveys


  • Sending the survey out


  • Manual import of emails


  • Bulk import of emails


  • Check survey status


QuestionPro Workforce helps analyze and revamp your organization’s work culture, employee morale, etc. Use the platform to see what it can do for you.

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