If staying away from your computer or no internet connection is the reason for not conducting polls, then think twice. You do have an option to use an offline poll app on your android and iOS devices to gather the opinion of masses on the go. The offline poll app makes it easier for you to collect feedback or opinions, even if there is no internet connectivity.

It is an obvious question to ask – why create online polls when the market of enterprise applications is flooded with tons of marketing, collaboration, and workforce management tools?
Online polls offer various insights to businesses that can help them to make smarter decisions. Polls can save huge money from being spent in the wrong direction.

What do you mean by a free online poll? 
A free online poll is a time tested approach to research and analyze people’s opinions. Online polls are extensively used to predict the outcome of elections. Nevertheless, today online feedback polls emerged as the most convenient and handy tool for the marketing community. In addition to that, the business community is perceiving online polls as a major contributor which contributes a lot in shaping and strategizing their business decisions. 

Creating a free poll
If you wish to know what someone’s thinking – it doesn’t hurt to ask!
The poll – is a powerful tool political researchers & organizations use to deduce the opinion of a large scale audience. A well-known example of polling is the election and pre-election poll.

A new syndicated study from EBONY/QuestionPro considers whether African-Americans today feel as hopeless as slaves heading to the New World during the transatlantic slave trade.
In Neil Gaiman’s television adaptation of American Gods, African deity Anansi (played by Orlando Jones) appears to a group of slaves heading to the New World on a Dutch ship. Dressed in a flashy modern suit, he explains to the chained and terrified group that what lies ahead for them and their descendants are centuries of pain, exploitation and oppression….

When it’s time to elect the right candidate, everyone is eager to learn which political party does individual support, reasons for this support and everything related to their opinion. There are multiple surveys being conducted via multiple mediums such as social media or email campaigns which ask citizens to opine about upcoming exit polls or topics closely related to exit polls.