Release Notes November 2022

At QuestionPro, we believe in continuous improvement and innovation to offer products that cater to the evolving needs of the world of research. Our team is constantly striving to ensure you get the insights you need to provide the best products and services, here we are with a list of all the new features and enhancements released this month.

Research & Insights



Bugs and other enhancements

  • MR-813: Changing default percentage calculation mode to respondent answered the question.
  • SA-10278: Fixed issue with date format when uploading contacts to an email list.
  • SA-10282: Fixed issue with members being automatically ‘Unsubscribed’ from the mailing list.
  • SA-10310: Fixed issue with Matrix question N/A validation when switched to bipolar and back to multiple select.
  • SA-10432: Fixed issue with the dynamic comment box and exclusive option when using the bulk edit option.
  • SA-10433: Fixed error while importing contacts to a mail list due to custom variable id size.
  • SA-10439: Fixed issue with thank you email notification for terminated responses.
  • SA-10447: Fixed issue with upload file question type not working when Captcha question present on the survey.
  • SA-10457: Fixed Issue with survey distribution on SurveyAnalytics.
  • SA-10476: Fixed Issue with sending out the scheduled reminder emails for a few customers.
  • SA-10489: Fixed issue with the conjoint question when adding features and levels in bulk.
  • SA-10504: Fixed issue with removing sub-questions from a drop-down menu with the flex matrix question type.
  • EC-1598: Fixed validation issue for multi-select question type not setting properly via Create & Update question API.
  • EC-1603: Fixed Google Sheets integration not working issue.



Bugs and other enhancements

  • CM-2880: Added an API to get all templates of send survey.
  • CM-2879: Added a search option for languages for admins to add/remove languages from the portal.




Bugs and other enhancements:

  • WF-2935: Fixed error 404 when downloading the list template file.
  • WF-2940: Fixed issue back button issue on 360 surveys.
  • WF-2853: Fixed issue with dummy data populated by creating old surveys.
  • WF-2911: Fixed issue ‘Oh Snap’ error while downloading import template in Workforce.
  • WF-2903: Fixed issue in the “Template” tab under the “Send” option.

Customer Experience


Bugs and other enhancements

  • CX-2338: Enhanced the SurveyResponse API where the user can fetch the Product Details in the future.
  • CX-2337: Enhanced the Templates page by adding the Global Templates section for the Sub-Account users.
  • CX-2312: Enhanced the Email Engagement API where the timestamp will now be displayed in the descending order of sent date and time.
  • CX-2165: Fixed the issue where the download button on Widgets is working in Analytics Dashboards, but not in Manager Portal dashboards.
  • CX-2265: Fixed the issue where custom variable data is not getting captured in some responses.

CX Reputation

  • Mechanism to delete imported reviews in CX Reputation – With this feature addition, there would be a mechanism to delete all the imported reviews to date from the CX Reputation application.
  • Sentiment Analysis correlation with reviews in CX Reputation – With this feature, the sentiment trend can be correlated with the set of reviews belonging to a particular topic or category.
  • Additional dashboard filters in CX Reputation – More filtering options like Filter by Sentiment Categories, Sentiment Topics, Tags, Review Status, and Ratings are added in the Dashboard.

Hope these features and enhancements will help you advance your research while ensuring the best experience for your audience, customers, and employees.


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