Release Notes September 2021

At QuestionPro, we believe in continuous improvement and innovation to offer products that cater to the evolving needs of the world of research. Our team is constantly striving to make sure you get the insights you need to offer the best products and services.

We promised you there’s a lot coming up in September, and here we are with a list of all the new features and enhancements released this month.

Research & Insights



Bugs and other enhancements

  • SA-9017 – Fixing issue with rowspan/colspan HTML elements getting removed.
  • SA-9192 – Issue with lookup table question breaking when special characters or spaces are used at the end.
  • SA-9231 – PDF generation issue due to performance limitations.
  • SA-9203 – Block randomizer and looping logic are not working simultaneously.
  • SA-9066 – HTML/Image support for bipolar matrix breaking issue.
  • EC-1099 – Added storage usage notification for the organization
  • EC-1230 – Fixed the discrepancy in the answers JSON in Get Question(s) & Get Answer(s) API V2 response
  • EC-1231 – Added a new attribute hasNA for the answer JSON object in the API V2 response
  • EC-1245 – Fixed the issue with the templates not getting selected for survey invites sent via API
  • EC-1248 – Fixed issue with device keys count not reflecting on the usage dashboard
  • MR-573 – Fixed issue while applying Block Looping/ Question Randomization simultaneously
  • MR-543 – Fixed error message on edit survey when an image for Heatmap question is deleted
  • MR-556 – Fixed inconsistency in the sequence number in the Max-Diff report
  • MR-566 – Fixed incorrect percentage value in the spider chart customization
  • MR-517 – Fixed issue automatic playback of audio
  • MR-546 – Fixed issue with downloading data from the response viewer



Bugs and other enhancements

  • CM 2515 – Fixed the issue with the qualifying survey not working
  • CM 2473 – Fixed the issue of verification email being triggered multiple times to the new members
  • CM 2510 – Fixed issues with documents are not uploading successfully in the documents module in the community
  • CM 2521 – Fixed the translation for ‘All Topics’
  • CM 2542 – Fixed the issue with survey reminders being sent multiple times



WF-2494: Display the usage of several employees logged in with the time.

Bugs and other enhancements:

  • WF-2397- Floating filter issue with the dropdowns on the portal,  their position changed while scrolling, it is now fixed.
  • WF-2463- Email address validation issues with the workforce send email tab are fixed.
  • WF-2496- Driver Analysis throws an error. The error is resolved.
  • WF-2497- There were few portal sides that were done for the worldwide and that needed to be fixed on Admin Side too.
  • WF-2501- Survey Comparison rounding off values are confusing to users. We needed to add a message or a note for showing the rounding of values.

Customer Experience


Bugs and other enhancements

  •  CX- 1930 – Incorrect email address upload issue. Earlier spaces were considered valid email addresses. This issue is fixed. 
  • CX – 1964 – Sub-accounts were unable to download the Excel report from Action Tab. Currently, they can proceed with the downloading of Excel reports. 
  • CX -1871 – Data discrepancy on the Analytics screen in the live environment is fixed. This was due to multiple creations of multiple panel logs
  • CX – 1982 – The user has the privilege to set the default criteria while setting import and send rules in the workflow
  • CX – 1933- Every Status in excel disposition metrics was labeled as “sent”. Fixed the flow now. 

Hope these features and enhancements will help you advance research while ensuring the best experience for your audience, customers, and employees.

If you have any ideas, questions, or feedback, please send them to us at