Release Notes September 2022

At QuestionPro, we believe in continuous improvement and innovation to offer products that cater to the evolving needs of the world of research. Our team is constantly striving to make sure you get the insights you need to offer the best products and services, here we are with a list of all the new features and enhancements released this month.

Research & Insights



Bugs and other enhancements

  • SA-9512: Fixed the issue with distribution history status, where incorrect status is reflected under the distribution history.
  • SA-10318: Fixed response viewer data, which misaligns if the Time taken column is hidden.
  • EC-1542: Fixed issue with SMS delivery to T-Mobile services



Bugs and other enhancements

  • CM-2832: Fixed issue with FTP member upload.
  • CM-2827: Fixed the issue with the comment timestamp on the report.
  • CM-2829: Fixed the issue with downloading the topic report.
  • CM-2866: Fixed issue with viewers on video meetings not seeing the stream.
  • CM-2830: Fixed issue with import, even if the file was in the incorrect format it was uploading successfully.
  • CM-2846: Added a new GET API to get all sampling filters.
  • CM-2860: Added a new Mobile API for checking and validating zip codes.
  • CM-2869: Added a new API to soft delete panel members by email id.



Bugs and other enhancements:

  • WF-2883: Fixed issue with eNPS decimal score in the portal.
  • WF-2881: Updated Pagination API.
  • WF-2727: Fixed issue with Scoring Model button.
  • WF-2868: Fixed Deployments on the survey listing page are not clickable.
  • WF-2714: Fixed issue with the information on the scorecard is not updated when responses are deleted.


Customer Experience


Bugs and other enhancements

  • CX-2303: Fixed the issue where users were unable to save values with ‘_’ (underscore) in custom variable mapping. 
  • CX-2326: Fixed the issue where users were unable to view the intro section. 
  • CX-2237: Fixed the issue where Push Metrics was not sending reports in the case of survey token links. 
  • CX-2278: Fixed the issue where Segment based NPS was also displaying CSAT scores. 


Hope these features and enhancements will help you advance your research while ensuring the best experience for your audience, customers, and employees.

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