The role of big data in predicting customer expectations and improving customer experience

The role of big data in predicting customer expectations

Back in 2014, Oracle stated that digital data will increase by over 4000% by the year 2020. 2 years down the line, given the pace of acceleration in digitization, it might very well be even more than predicted.

In other words, companies must now do more than ever to meet the standard of customer expectation that comes with growing digital fluency of consumers. The growth in digitized customers can appear as a major challenge at first but it also provides an unprecedented opportunity to organizations that can learn to tap into this growth buzz.

Evolution from Data to “Data Analytics”

In the past 10 years, organizations across the Globe, both large and mid-sized, have increasingly invested in capturing consumer data, mainly in the form of contact information to keep their databases updated. This was done primarily with the hope for an eventful advancement in technology will allow them to one day use this database for fruitful business predictions which cover more than just calling customers and sending them store coupons via mail.

Yes, that time is now! The technology has never been more suitable to cultivate those seeds of data banks and use them to grow their business through predictive analysis of customer behaviour and using the insights to exponentially improve competitive customer experience.

Powering “Insights” driven Analytics

Online survey and analytics powerhouse – QuestionPro, makes it possible for business to not just send surveys and collect more data from their audience, but finally get real-time analytics as well. This platform is centered on “insights” rather than the mere collection of raw survey response data to be once again mined and piled into files.

QuestionPro – The Insights Platform, provides powerful visualizations, graphs, charts and dashboard reports that allow businesses to understand and gain insights on their survey responses in a glance! Even better, the platform consistently evolves to adapt with industry requirements.

Today there are 4 different product types catering to the need of businesses – Surveys for general market research insights, CX for customer insights, Workforce for human resource insights and Communities for creating and gaining insights from personalized business communities.