Survey Dropout Rate Analysis – Why, When and Where online survey respondents leave

survey dropout rate analysis

For a market research analyst, there is nothing more nerve wreaking than looking at survey dropout rate and analysis. Often analysts spend hours self-analysing the causes and loopholes that lead to higher survey dropout rate and coming up with solutions to lower them.

In one of our previous articles we had touched down on 10 ways to increase online survey response rates. However, while increasing response rate is a significant metric for research analysts, reducing survey dropout rate and analysis of the causes is extremely critical to ensure valuable data capture and increase survey completion rate.

Survey dropout rate analysis with QuestionPro

Survey dropout rate analysis comes effortlessly with QuestionPro survey software. It is an advanced analysis dashboard that allows analysts to view detailed reports on how many respondents are dropping out before completing the survey and in which question. It also shows the percentage drop-out rate for each question which helps you precisely locate survey questions with higher dropout rates and make necessary changes.

Here are a few quick steps to survey dropout rate analysis:

1. After Login, select your survey. Then click on Reports.


2. In reports, click on the Dashboard tab.


3. Now select Participant Statistics from the drop down list.


4. The first section in this report will show you the Overall Participation Statistics.


5. Now simply scroll down to view the complete report on Survey Dropout Rate and Analysis! “Count” refers to the number of survey respondent dropouts for that question and “Base%” is the corresponding percentage of overall respondents who dropped out in the entire survey.


QuestionPro provides the most clear, segregated and insightful Survey Dropout Rate and Analysis reports!

Try it now!