Survey Report sharing with respondents through QuestionPro Spotlight Reports!


Getting a survey respondent isn’t easy and getting a survey respondent to complete the survey they have started is even tougher! Faced with the inertia of respondents when almost nothing seems to move them, an offer to exchange data can often be that persuasive force that gets them to answer your survey – completely.

The idea of “I want to know what others think” is a compelling one by nature. It is a mix of personal curiosity and public speculation that drives this instinctive attitude in almost everyone. And one of the best ways to leverage this to your advantage as someone who requires information through online surveys, is simply to share the information that you have collected so far with the respondents.

And QuestionPro lets you do exactly that!

How to use Spotlight Report?

Using the Spotlight Report feature, you can enable automatic survey report sharing once the respondent has completed answering the survey or poll. You can even select and filter how much of the report you wish to share – how many respondents have answered a question the same way or the entire report.

Here is how to go about it – once you are logged into your QuestionPro account, just click on “Completion” tab under “Edit” tool bar. Now simply select “Spotlight Report” in the Finish options. And it’s done!


Respondents can now view how others have answered the surveys, with their own answer highlighted as “Your Choice”.


Even better, you can even allow users to download this report in PDF as added incentives!