Synchronous Data Transfer with QuestionPro Offline Survey Mobile App


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Have you ever tried uploading or downloading something online and the internet connection gives up on you leading you to do the same task again, leaving you with redundant data files? Of course, it must have been. Unreliable internet connections! – it’s one of the commonest pains of the digital realm.

But just because we cannot predict how the internet connection will perform does not mean we cannot be prepared for it. Taking the cue, we at QuestionPro have done exactly what needed to be done – Just try our offline mobile survey app and you will find the answer.

We are proud that our mobile survey maker tool that doubles up as an offline data capturing mobile survey app has been a valuable asset for thousands of organizations across the world, right from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Our clients have been using it for capturing critical survey data from any location without depending on the internet connection. In one of our recent updates, we have already injected the functionality of even analytics that can be run offline.

When Offline survey app must go Online

In a World that lives online; at some point, our users and clients will have to upload the information when they are in an internet zone. Nevertheless, even what we classify as a stable internet zone can turn out to be disappointing when a data upload is suddenly interrupted with unstable wireless connections.

Even when an upload attempt succeeds, you are now left with duplicate data from previously failed attempts. We understand internet data packs are not inexpensive and with every failed upload attempt you will lose your precious data packet thereby piling up data pack costs. The futile attempts to upload the data with a messy internet connection will not only cost you the number of MegaBytes and GigaBytes but will also force you to start the uploading again right from scratch.

But with our latest update in the mobile survey app, these issues are now a thing of the past!

With our new Synchronous Data Upload feature, there will neither be a single redundant survey data from the offline mobile app nor will there be any loss of precious mobile/wifi data packs.

So how did we do it? (Geeky stuff)

As you might be aware, data is sent in the form of packets over the internet pipeline (bandwidth). Earlier, much like most mobile apps do, the data was being sent all at once through the online pipeline. But now, we have configured our system to send only 1 data field (survey response data) at a time. This means that till the time field no 1 is delivered, the next packet of information will not be launched for delivery.

So now that the system can keep track of the last data packet that was sent and delivered, in case of an internet disconnection and reconnection, only the next packet in the series will be sent. Therefore – zero redundant data and zero loss of data bandwidth too. After all, even an internet connection is a significant investment when you are using QuestionPro’s offline mobile survey app.

Contact us if you have any questions in understanding the function and capabilities of our offline survey mobile app.