Six reasons to choose an alternative to Alchemer

Like everything else, market research is also seeing a shift in trend due to obvious reasons. The coronavirus has transformed the way data respondents answer surveys and how data is collected. Research is indispensable for growth, and in our constant endeavor to empower you with the best research tools, we’re continuously enhancing and improving research techniques. Insightful capturing of customer reactions is a must. All the data in the world is useless if you don’t know how to use it to your strength.

Gather research insights

Research is easy when you have the right tools at hand. It’s even more comfortable when you have the proper support. Check out what QuestionPro has to offer to fuel your research process. Take a positive leap towards reliable data collection by using the right questions in the right places and applying the suitable advanced survey logic.

Six main reasons to choose an Alchemer alternative

Here are the main reasons you must choose an alternative to Alchemer for advanced research.

1. Finest customer service: Customer support is of great focus to us. Customers often need help to solve issues during their research journey. QuestionPro offers 24/7 chat, phone, and email support, 365 days a year. Our knowledgeable support staff is always available to assist you with any roadblocks you face. We usually respond within minutes. Ask us anything about research, and we’re sure to help you with solutions that matter. Talk to our experts and get tips on how to use the tool more effectively. We’re always with you throughout your research journey.

2. Simple to use software: Our UI is simple yet intuitive and allows you to create powerful surveys with ease. Alchemer’s platform is comparatively difficult to get a hold of, and creating simple surveys can get tough. Researchers require software that is powerful yet easy to use. Setting up skip or branching logic to extensive surveys can get tedious with a complicated survey platform design. Today, surveys have evolved and demanded a lot from the software platform. QuestionPro integrates and offers you a host of functions that are easy to access within the forum. Choose readymade survey templates to build surveys faster. Distribute your survey via email to QuestionPro’s proprietary Audience or Create a Community of customers. Set up awards on survey completions with integrated functionalities.

3. Customized solutions for research initiatives: Every research is different, and the components that make up a research study vary. Research software must be flexible enough to solve additional research questions. Use QuestionPro to run different research initiatives like NPS campaigns, employee experience, or customer feedback. An enterprise-grade survey platform is a single-solution software that can wear many hats. Whatever be your survey need, we’ve got the solutions. Do more than just surveys. Tap into the world of communities and run qual and quant surveys. The Communities platform offers you different tools to keep your community engaged so that you always receive unparalleled responses.

4. Greater ROI: Alchemy is quite pricey, especially when you need the whole package. QuestionPro offers researchers more than 35 different types of questions to bring the best out of respondents. We are flexible in providing solutions that fit our customer’s needs. The software is user-friendly so that you can create surveys for different scenarios with ease. You don’t need to spend too much time trying to understand the components of the platform. Get in touch with the customer service team for expert advice any time you wish. Our extensive dashboard has helped thousands of customers get deeper insights from their research, which they can use to make informed decisions. 

5. Software for everybody: Today, research is used widely. Everybody from academic institutions to nonprofit organizations and retailers to manufacturers do research. Their needs vary differently, and they run research with varied complexities. QuestionPro is a one-stop solution that fits all requirements. QuestionPro is not just vast; it is also profound. It means that hardcore researchers can do a lot within the tool itself. Like you can build research communities, you can also seek responses from our proprietary audience panel. 

6. Longitudinal research: Alchemy does not support the tools to conduct longitudinal research and is a strong reason to switch over from Alchemy. Organizations must keep an eye out for changing consumer behavior, consumer attitudes, and satisfaction levels across consumers and employees. This lack of support is one of Alchemer’s most notable drawbacks. QuestionPro assists researchers in recruiting the right members for research communities and longitudinal studies. It’s always better to use tried and used software for long term research. 

Gather research insights

QuestionPro is the better choice over Alchemer not only for researchers who mean serious business but also for novice researchers. Do a lot with an intuitive dashboard, word cloud, data-segmentation and filtering, crosstabs, and data exports.