Can a survey start a revolution? According to the women working for Nike, the answer is yes. Angry with the heavy bro-culture, largely ignored harassment experiences, and limited opportunities in management and executive positions, the women of Nike banded together to create a survey and collect data on its toxic work environment.

Ever since the news broke that SAP purchased Qualtrics for $8 billion dollars in early November, we’ve been getting an influx of questions from current and former customers of Qualtrics. They’re nervous about what’s going to happen and whether the $8 billion investment means whether they will have to pay more for less. Acquisitions and buyouts are rarely a smooth and timely transition.


On September 29th, 2018, we’re making some changes to the QuestionPro navigation for creating, distributing and analyzing your surveys. Don’t worry, all the features you have come to expect are still available, we are only changing the names and location of a handful of features in order to make the overall experience easier to navigate.

Started in 2013, Winning Ground is a football festival for girls ages 10-13 years old. Held over three days in Linköping, Sweden, Winning Ground Football Festival all started from the motto by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Women’s Euro 2013 – that women and girls football have already won before, during, and after the championship….

What would you consider a successful venture? A successful venture is the one where a dynamic leader leads throughout the completion of the project and also beyond. For entrepreneurs to succeed, they must know what they are determined to do and what will be the path they have decided to follow.
Success is achieved with hard work and determination.

Market research is the fuel that propels products, services, and even ideas. In fact, market research might even be more important than the fuel metaphor, since crashing a campaign or initiative is more severe than sputtering at the gate. As award-winning social media scientist and author Dan Zarrella once said, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”
Unfortunately, nagging myths about market research often stall and crash brands as they navigate shifting times full of digital breakthroughs and sophisticated audiences.