In this era of data breaches, data sharing, and data hacks, we at QuestionPro wanted to go above and beyond the call for data security. Since the importance of our own internal data assurance and the security of our clients’ data has always been a top priority, we have taken the necessary steps to go through the training, processes, and certification for our ISO 27001.

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Data has been the new oil for some time now, but passion-based insights, fueled by creative solutions define the realms of experience in more recent times.

Some exciting news! This fall we will be hosting three live customer events in three different countries. This is a great opportunity to learn and share innovative solutions from industry experts, get hands-on software training, and network with other QuestionPro customers from all around the world.
Austin, Texas, USA: QuestionPro Experience Day 2019
Date: Thursday, November 14th, 2019 9:00 AM –…

Can a survey start a revolution? According to the women working for Nike, the answer is yes. Angry with the heavy bro-culture, largely ignored harassment experiences, and limited opportunities in management and executive positions, the women of Nike banded together to create a survey and collect data on its toxic work environment.

Ever since the news broke that SAP purchased Qualtrics for $8 billion dollars in early November 2018, we’ve been getting an influx of questions from current and former customers of Qualtrics. They’re nervous about what’s going to happen and whether the $8 billion investment means whether they will have to pay more for less. Acquisitions and buyouts are rarely a smooth and timely transition.


On September 29th, 2018, we’re making some changes to the QuestionPro navigation for creating, distributing and analyzing your surveys. Don’t worry, all the features you have come to expect are still available, we are only changing the names and location of a handful of features in order to make the overall experience easier to navigate.