On September 29th, 2018, we’re making some changes to the QuestionPro navigation for creating, distributing and analyzing your surveys. Don’t worry, all the features you have come to expect are still available, we are only changing the names and location of a handful of features in order to make the overall experience easier to navigate.

Started in 2013, Winning Ground is a football festival for girls ages 10-13 years old. Held over three days in Linköping, Sweden, Winning Ground Football Festival all started from the motto by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Women’s Euro 2013 – that women and girls football have already won before, during, and after the championship….

In this digital era where businesses are in constant communication with their audience via social media, many feel the e-newsletter is not necessary, or simply go through the motions when sending one out. By doing so, they are missing out on a great opportunity to deliver interesting information in a neat package to their customers or clients.

Just as fall signals football and cider mills, spring brings the home renovation projects that were set aside for the winter. QuestionPro Audience conducted a survey with 500 homeowners across the United States to gauge homeowner trends, future renovation plans and spending habits for spring 2018. To view our infographic with full report findings, click here. 

Numerous product managers, HR professionals, R&D leaders, and beyond are launching crowdsourced innovation programs at their organization. And even if they’re great at getting people to engage and invest in the program (by sharing their ideas and building on the ideas of others), even if they’re masters of marshaling resources and pushing ideas through to implementation, there’s one other skill set that comes before all of that: the ability to create and articulate a problem statement.

Every industry from government to healthcare is working to be more innovative – organizations are afraid of disruption, of losing pace with technology, about being out of step with new trends and regulations. But one of the things that nobody seems to agree on is what exactly constitutes an innovation.
When Forrester Research evaluated innovation management platforms in 2016, they stated that there are four basic things around which organizations can organize their efforts.