OK – We’ve got a new challenge coming up. The QuestionPro Ad-Writing Contest. Here’s the deal:
Check out one of our ad’s below:

Now, here’s the deal:
1. You can get a $100 bucks and
2. A lifetime subscription to QuestionPro
What do you have to do?
If you can come up with two co-related taglines for the ad-campaign and we use it we’ll give you a hundred dollars and a lifetime subscription to QuestionPro….

It’s official, QuestionPro for AppExchange has been certified by Salesforce.com. After a rather lengthy process of application review (mainly for security), we’ve passed the criteria to be a Salesforce.com AppExchange certified partner. The plan is to get this out on the press lines tomorrow. Then we’ll begin a major push to communicate to the world that our best of breed survey application combined with Salesforce.com’s market leading hosted CRM service are a powerful means of customer insight….

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