TryMyUI Webinar Recap

Today, we had the pleasure of hearing from Ritvij from TryMyUI, Jeff from MeasuringU, and Erik from QuestionPro, as they gave us the scoop on the new survey testing feature available in QuestionPro. There was some great information given, as well as a demonstration to show how it worked and what you’d get in return. Let’s recap!

The back-story

Erik started with a quick bit of history on how this all came about. Customers come to QuestionPro’s support team constantly to get help with how to write a good questionnaire. We wanted to find a way that we could help our clients test their surveys’ usability. We created 5 surveys with a number of dimensions we wanted to test against, such as overall survey length, number of question options, and other survey design items that always seem to come up as helping make or break a survey. We fielded the surveys and included a follow-up survey to ask about the respondents’ experience. Jeff from MeasuringU then took that information and worked the analytics side to create a Survey Respondent Score (SRS).

Survey Respondent Score

Jeff then took the reigns and those of us data geeks got to enjoy listening to him walk through the analysis he conducted with the responses received to put together not only the SRS, but also 7 survey dimensions that contributed to respondent fatigue and survey clarity. Here are the 7 questions that correlated highly to fatigue and clarity for a survey:

  • This survey was easy to take.
  • In terms of flow, this survey flowed well.
  • Compared to other surveys I have taken, this survey was average.
  • If I were asked, I would be likely to take this survey again.
  • Throughout the survey, I felt engaged.
  • The questions were clear.
  • I could understand the questions easily.

Those questions make up a usability survey given to the testers once they’ve taken your survey. You also get the SRS, which gives you a score out of 100 (aim high!) for your survey usability.

Seeing it all in action

Rit from TryMyUi then demonstrated how this whole process works – and it’s slick! Once your survey is created, you simply click the “Usability Test” link found under the live survey link, fill out the scenario, authorize payment, and wait for the results. The really cool thing is that you can come back the next day to your survey, go back to that Usability Test link, and on the left navigation, click the link for Test Results. You’ll get the SRS and your score for each of the 7 attributes (on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best score possible). Received a low SRS? Check the responses for the 7 questions about the survey and see where your could improve your survey based on the scores given by the testers. You also get a video of each of the three testers taking your survey, so you get to listen and watch and they take your survey.

We’re really excited about the SRS, the survey usability testing, and being able to deliver it so seamlessly within QuestionPro! Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more!