WA State Tax Comes to QuestionPro

Nothing is certain – But death and taxes – well at least for WA State residents. WA state just passed into law an “Digital Goods” tax. This tax applies to all “Subscription” and “online” services (premium) – In our case – this _does_ apply to us.

Good News:
We are only supposed to collect taxes for WA state residents! So if you are not in WA state, you can use QP tax free!

Bad News:
If you _are_ a WA state resident (if your Credit Card has a WA state code billing address) we will be charging you a 9.5% tax on all purchases. We are currently in the process of updating our billing system to reflect this.


Q: I am not in the United States – am I affected?

Q: My company is physically located outside WA state, but my credit card billing has WA state in it? Am I affected?
A: Yes. If your credit card billing address is in WA state, we are required to collect 9.5% digital goods sales tax.

Q: When will this go into affect?
A: Over the next month, we will be updating our billing system. You should see a line item in your invoice for the 9.5% Digital Goods Tax

Q: Any way I can avoid paying this tax?
A: No. We are required by law to collect this and cannot make any exceptions.