Cannabis survey: What Budtenders say is the best strain for sleep, sex, stress & more!

With the legalization of cannabis at various levels moving through individual states, many consumers are starting to explore what cannabis products are right for them. While asking your neighbor’s son may be one way of finding what’s trending. A more reliable and straightforward approach is going to your local cannabis dispensary and talking to a professional Budtender.

Budtenders are responsible for guiding customers about the effects, benefits, and overall experience of cannabis products and industry. Dispensary employees serve as important guides to using cannabis products, and tailor their customer and patient service to all levels of experience. Since we know that many people are often nervous about their dispensary experience we went straight to the Budtenders.

We surveyed our leading panel of over 1000 professional Budtenders what brand and strains are best for the most popular of occasions and here’s what they had to say!

Want to deep dive into all the different strains and recommendations from our over 1000 professional Budtenders? Explore the survey results here!