Post Purchase Survey: What It is + Best Practices

Customer surveys are a vital part of any marketing plan. You can find out the pros and cons of doing business by conducting a post-purchase survey. Using real-time online surveys, you may learn how clients feel about every step of purchase on your site.

The survey information can be fed back into your marketing loop to lessen purchase difficulty. So, customers will return. Let’s discuss what a post-purchase survey is with some best practices.

What is Post Purchase Survey?

The inquiries you ask your clients soon after they buy things from you are known as post-purchase surveys. It gives a flexible method for obtaining particular, actionable feedback from purchasing customers.

When a customer completes their purchase, surveys are often presented on your website, or they may be sent to them via email shortly after. This survey aims to understand more about your customers so that your customer service agents and you can use their comments to enhance your services.

Customers are the only ones who receive a post-purchase survey. As a result, folks who have never purchased from you will never pollute the results. Your customers have experienced the entire experience with you, from discovering your product to purchasing it. So you can ask them about any of these product and service characteristics.

The Benefits of Post Purchase Survey

It is essential to keep in mind that the purchase is not the conclusion of the customer journey. The post-purchase survey lets the brand keep in touch with its customers over time. Before discussing the best practices for them, let’s first examine some of the facts about why post-purchase feedback surveys are so helpful.

  • Post-purchase surveys can help you identify the areas where your service shines and where it needs to improve.
  • Consumer contacts are confined to transactional or negative communication without a post-purchase survey.
  • Customers’ replies to the post-purchase surveys can provide insights into the kinds of products and deals they are likely to enjoy and acquire in the future.
  • Post-purchase feedback surveys are highly beneficial to customer retention, and data shows that repeat purchases from delighted customers produce 41 percent of sales.
  • It is essential to provide proactive support for customers. These types of surveys help to improve your customer support.
  • It identifies problem areas in the customer experience.
  • Determines which of your marketing channels are the most fruitful in terms of customer acquisition.
  • This survey obtains valuable customer data, which can be used to improve the marketing strategy.

Best Practices of Post Purchase Survey

Depending on what kind of feedback you want, you can ask a lot of different questions. Customers will be more inclined to participate if they understand the purpose of your surveys. Here are some best practices for conducting a post-purchase survey from some real-world examples.

Keep your survey short and simple

Keep your survey short and simple so that it is easy to fill out. It’s a great idea to start with multiple-choice or rating-type questions. For example, you could let your clients rate their experience with your website or the checkout page.

Be friendly and easy to respond

When doing your survey, talk to your customers in a friendly, casual way. Instead of asking customers if they are “extremely happy” with your products or services, ask them if they love what they bought. Make sure your questions can be read and understood by the person who receives them.

Ask open-ended questions for the best outcomes

Open-ended questions are a great way to uncover fresh information. You can learn a lot about your target audience’s impressions of your brand through their remarks. Ask them how they’re feeling and also ask for improvement tips.

Deliver on time

Post-purchase surveys need to be done right after a shopping trip while the customer is still thinking about it. This could be a pop-up on the “Thank You” page or an email right after the transaction. They might not have time to fill out your survey. If you email or SMS them later, they’ll have moved on to other things.

Automate survey

Online businesses need automated operations. It’s important to improve the customer experience by getting customer feedback immediately. Online survey software simplifies post-purchase feedback questionnaires. Automate post-purchase feedback surveys with online survey tools for maximum efficiency.


Post-purchase surveys show customers you respect their input. The information you get from these surveys will help your company grow and come up with new ideas. To avoid customer distraction, reduce the number of questions in a survey to seven or fewer.

You should now have a better understanding of post-purchase surveys and the kinds of questions you should be asking after reading this article. The next step is to design your post-purchase feedback survey!

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