Why workplace culture can define your organization’s success


A business is as good as its customers and customer success and engagement is as good as employee success and engagement. Any organization that has enjoyed sustained success in their field of business has understood and implemented this simple business structure- they have invested in their employees and workplace culture!

The power of recognition

Bosses are like fathers in workplaces. Sounds too dramatic at first, but think about it and it will become more than apparent. Whom does an employee look upto? A good boss. Who does an employee reply on for support? Again, a good boss? Whom does an employee try to impress with their hard work and dedication? You know the answer by now.

It is when managers and supervisors become oblivious to this fact, that it leads to dis-engagement at work. This is when employee dissatisfaction and low workplace morale seeps in because they feel ignored and unrecognized and eventually unmotivated at work. And we all know when the most basic pillar of organizational success, employee motivation, falls.

Almost instantly you can see a rise in dissatisfied customers, low marketing leads and less sales! It’s a recipe for crumbling an organization from within. Your competitor doesn’t even have to lift a finger to beat your business.

Winning from within

On the contrary, if you can keep your employees motivated at work, own upto the fact that you are pretty much like a father figure to them at work and recognize their achievements and success – you can turn everything around. Now you can win from within, even with a fraction of the budget that your competition might be investing.

Your customers rely not on the founder or CEO of a business to provide an excellent service but your employees. They are on the front lines, not you. This is where your bulk of investment must go – employee success and engagement!