Closed Loop

A feedback program where an organization directly reaches out to each customer who might not be necessarily expecting it.

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Closed loop customer experience is when an organization directly reaches out to each customer feedback, who might not necessarily expect it. After successfully executing a customer experience program and gathering customer opinions and feedback, it is always advised that one must make improvements according to the received data. Closed loop customer feedback program allows organizations to follow-up with all the customers so that they can “close the loop” with each and every customer feedback.

Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning - Bill Gates.

Resolving the complaints provided by dissatisfied customers can help an organization to retain those customers and convert them into loyal buyers in the future. Closed loop feedback is a systematic cycle of making significant changes in the way an organization works according to customer feedback. It is an incredibly powerful tool to communicate to customers that their opinions are highly valued in a personal and customizable manner.

A promoter needs to be constantly kept satisfied, a passive needs to be worked on and converted into a promoter. The most difficult part is to forbid a dissatisfied customer to convert into detractors and also make sure enough work is done on their feedback so that they can be eventually converted into promoters.

Closed Loop Survey

Customers who fill out their opinions via surveys from an organization, expect some improvements as per their feedback sooner or later. Unhappy customers appreciate organizations which contact them to understand their concerns and eventually try and solve them.

Contacting customers to acknowledge them for their time and opinions will prompt these customers to stay loyal. If not, a customer will refrain from providing feedback the next time an organization conducts a survey. Maintaining an awesome customer experience by using Net Promoter Score question will help an organization to ‘close the loop’.

The ideal process of a closed loop customer experience is:

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