8 Direct Marketing Tips Few Marketers Actually Follow

Advertising can be expensive, but a successful marketing campaign can help you generate more revenues and increase profits.  With proper planning, direct mail marketing can provide the best results possible.  Here are 8 simple tips that will bring a steady stream of new customers to your store or office. iStock_000018946626XSmall

Tip #1. Get a list.

Your mailing list is probably the most important factor for a successful direct mail marketing campaign.  The best list is your own in-house list, which contains your past and existing customers.  It’s cheaper and easier to sell to existing customers than to try and find new ones.

If you don’t have an in-house list, the next best thing is to purchase a targeted mailing list from a reputable company.  Getting the right list is the first step in your advertising efforts.

Tip #2.  Add value to your promotion.

Why should people respond to your promotional efforts?

The reason is simple.  By adding value to your direct mail marketing, people will be compelled to take positive action right away.  Your marketing efforts should include discounts, coupons, rebates, etc.  The idea is to give people a reason to act now or buy now, instead of later.  The offer should be time limited to maximize results and to make it easy to measure the results of the advertising campaign.

When making your offer, make it short and simple.  If the mechanics of the offer is more involved, include a summary that your audience can read through quickly.

Tip #3.  Personalize your mailer.

Address the recipient by name for a personal touch.  A personalized letter tells the recipient that you took the time to get to know him or her better.  It also indicates that your promotional material could be relevant and important to the recipient.

Tip #4.  Make your ad easy to read.

Most people will simply scan a sales letter at first, and only read it further if they find something interesting.  Make your ad copy easy to read.  Indent all paragraphs and keep them short.

Tip #5.  Write good copy.

When writing your advertising materials, focus on the benefits for your audience and not on the features of the product.  If you are selling energy-saving appliances, focus on how much people will be able to save on electricity bills.

Tip #6.  Choose the right marketing medium.

Your audience will have different responses to a postcard, brochure, or sales letter.  Test your advertising package and determine the best medium for your message.  Paper quality should also be considered.  You will want to use good-quality paper when marketing high end products.

Tip #7.  Test your marketing campaign.

Test the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing strategy against a smaller market base before launching a full-blown campaign.  Tweak as necessary in order to get the best results possible.

Tip #8. Follow up.

Very often, business owners only need to follow up with their prospects in order to obtain more sales.  A personalized postcard or sales letter can be a gentle reminder for people to take action. A follow-up phone call is appropriate only if you have permission to do so.