A Startup’s trump card to Survive, Win and Grow– Real market data from smart survey softwares

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Let’s be honest, it’s brutal out there! When a startup enters the market, it’s like the Hunger Games Part 1 – They know their own strength but are clueless about the market, they have to compete with experienced giants and there’s a good chance of getting knocked off the game even before they know what hit them! They have limited alliances and even less resources.

In order to survive, win and grow, successful startups know that they have to spend their time, money and man-power where it makes the deepest impact and allows them to win big! The only way to go about this is to know their terrain – The market they want to dive into.

Making it big by targeting the right consumer base

This is where smart survey softwares prove to be invaluable investments for these young companies. Survey softwares like QuestionPro allow entrepreneurs to customize, personalize and create smart surveys that get them the best responses from their target audience in the least amount of time.

Surveys when designed smartly can be the best trump card that a startup can have. They offer unique insights, allows companies to allocate precise marketing budgets and give great ROIs. But more often or not it is seen that startups and entrepreneurs may lack the right experience to design their very own market research survey and also lack the budget to hire someone just to do that one job.

DIY surveys or dig into our database

That’s why QuestionPro offers over 60 market tested pre-designed surveys that allows you to get started right away, no delay. Just add your logo and colour theme, change a few words here and there and your personalized survey is ready for shoot-out.

However, if you chose to design your survey from scratch, QuestionPro offers a range of features. From fonts, colours and background to smart survey logic controls, it’s a 360 degree platform. You also get real-time updates on how well your survey is doing in gathering responses, a mobile app for collecting even offline survey data and insightful data analytics.

Boot strapped startups particularly witness budget constraints. This is where a free to use product can give them some room to breathe. QuestionPro offers 4 different types of licensing options from Free all the way to Corporate and Team Editions.

Create, shoot, analyse, repeat!

However, even when your survey is ready for a shoot-out, what about your list of target audience? It takes years of organic effort to get a rich database for your target audience and costs a lot of money incase you are planning to buy a list from traditional lead generation firms.

This is where QuestionPro’s survey sample list comes in. You don’t just get to create your own survey but also receive critical data for your choice of target audience.

Rich survey data collected through smart survey softwares is alone the most important tool in a startup’s arsenal. After all when they cannot outmatch big competitors in terms of man-power and money, startups outsmart them by accurately identifying and targeting the right consumer base.