Academic Research: What it is + Free Tools

As a university student, you probably have many subjects to take, pending projects, and academic research to do, and as part of that research, the collection of information and/or data is essential for a final delivery that will make you get an A and have a 100% reliable result.

But how do you do that data collection? The most common for a sampling research either qualitative or quantitative, is to make surveys or forms with the exact questions that will give you the information you need to do your project.

What is Academic Research?

In the University is more often that you have to do an Academic Research which is normally to define an issue, or problem in your case to identify the solutions, what causes it, who are the affected or how to solve the situation/problem, mainly this focuses on scientific discoveries, conducting studies into various different aspects of life, with the eventual aim of developing a more in-depth knowledge of the subject. 

It’s all about using new research techniques, developing studies into untouched areas of life and giving us a better understanding of the world in which we live, this could be classified in 3 types of Academic Research:

  • Exploratory research, to identify new situations/problems

  • Constructive research-based in developing solutions to an actual problem/situation

  • Empirical research, looks for the study the feasibility of a specific solution and how long it remains relevant

Importance of Academic Research

Academic Research and development are very important in integral aspects in an academic set up as it leads to overall progress and growth of a nation. The key function of universities is to inspire students to do research in areas of interest which affect the local community socially the most.

It also helps students in their personal growth as well. Research helps in the development of skills. And students learn how to identify a problem and reach a possible solution or develop a point of view on a specific topic.

Difference between Academic and Professional Research  

To clarify one important point about research that exists a several type of research, depending in the perspective and goal of each one, if we talk about Academic research we know that is focused primarily on making new discoveries for the scientific community.

Instead, Professional research is geared more toward solving a specific problem for an organization, often a business, or its customers. It could be called the next step of research because it is at the same time gathering information and finding a solution, only applied to different approaches and objectives of life, one academic and one more of working life.

Academic research

The principal tools for this type of research are: interviews, focus groups, observation and surveys, for example, the interview is focused on collecting information first hand, face to face. The focus group is equally relevant because the information it collects is also qualitative and is widely used by companies at the time of launching a new product.

Observation is also used but is the least common as it is the one that takes more time to obtain the results, finally, surveys or forms are the keys as they can collect information en masse, and many people at the same time, if these are digital, even more, you can classify information more easily and quickly.

You can also create questions of different types and automate them and analyze your survey data.

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