High employee engagement levels boost organizational productivity, help develop the right workplace culture, and improve employee experience (EX). Engaged employees are better team players, highly proactive, align themselves with the organization’s goals, and help reduce attrition.
Organizations understand the importance of employee engagement, clearly see it’s benefits, but fail to act on it. This inaction is responsible for low engagement levels at many organizations….

With apprehensions growing around the data security and privacy, more and more countries want the data of their citizens to be stored within the country. The need for a secure data storage strategy is a vital part of every boardroom discussion, particularly for SaaS-based companies. There has been a constantly growing focus on how these companies can better handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI)….

You cannot be a bull in China shop and slam into an organization and ask, “hey what is your company culture like?”
Besides the fact, you will not be hired there, an organization will feel dignified answering the question in a polished marketing-approved manner rather than a candid discussion. 
If you out rightly ask about the culture of an organization to either a recruiter or a Human Resources manager, they will tell you what you want to hear.

QuestionPro users have been happily using smiley questions in their surveys to gather ratings for several attributes in the same question. 
Smiley rating questions are commonly used to get a clear sense of customer satisfaction, gauge customer experience related to a particular product/service or answer other key questions that can be easily rated within the range of happy to sad. 

Businesses are leaping beyond domestic borders to expand their marketplaces. Ever than before, it has become crucial for businesses to understand their audience. Keeping communication channels open in their native language has become a priority. Moreover, researchers and businesses are feeling the pressing need for creating multilingual and international surveys for both internal and external circulation.

Researchers from all fields, including marketing, healthcare, communications, education, government, non-profit organizations, human resources, etc. use online surveys for data collection. An advanced survey maker is designed to support simple, as well as the complex needs of the researchers. Keeping up with the trend, many online survey platforms introduced the file upload question in the past.