Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tool
Customer satisfaction measurement has long been the task of market researchers. There are numerous ways to delve into the customer’s perception of satisfaction – each has its merits and drawbacks. This post examines a few of the options available.
Many of the more commonly used methods of measuring satisfaction with a product or service rely on some form of scale….

As a survey designer, I am challenged to develop questions and response categories that maximize the information content for the client while minimizing the respondent’s cognitive load. This post I would like to talk about Point Allocation Method and how it compares to the rank order question type. The rank order question type is commonly used in survey research….

The Van Westendorp price sensitivity meter is a technique for market researchers to gauge consumer perceptions of the value of products or services. This usually means asking four different questions to help uncover the best price for the product—ideally, without scaring potential customers away by a large price tag or, on the other hand, leaving them skeptical of the quality from a price that is too low.

How much should I charge for my product or service? This question has direct impact on your bottom line and ability to stay in business. There are several survey-based methods for testing the market’s perception of price. Monadic price testing in one such method. Other popular methods include the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter, and its variants….

For both B2B and consumer market researchers the question that lies in the back of our minds is to what degree is our sample a reasonable measure of the population(s) we are interested in? All aspects of our projects can be spot on, but if the respondents do not form a representative sample then the question of data quality arises….