According to a study by Walker, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. How well do you understand your customers today?
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations have never been as critical as it is in today’s digital world. Whether you are an airline or a retailer, you need to think differently about optimizing the physical and digital experience to better engage with your customers to create a higher customer lifetime value….

Creating your customer journey is not an easy task. It takes not only infrastructure but extensive time and resources to set it up. The challenge isn’t collecting enough customer data, but rather understanding it well enough to leverage actionable insight. Depending on your business, you can have anywhere from one to over ten touchpoints.
There are 5 main components of successfully setting up a customer journey map:

Business timeline
Customer data
Data analysis
Actionable insight

Customer Journey Dashboard with QuestionPro
Whether your organization is big or small, it is critical to understand your customer’s experience at every touchpoint in order to differentiate yourself from competitors….

This is a story about how a silly mistake can take away from your business. Enhance customer experience by eliminating it and putting processes in place that don’t damage what you’ve worked so hard for.
So I don’t know how it actually happened, but my friend Rhonda, who is a HUGE Starbucks junkie convinced me to buy one of their cups so that I can have it refilled the next time I went back to Starbucks. …

Customer Experience and Customer feedback   – we all know it’s important, but we also all want to avoid making our customers feel like they’ve been pressured into replying, let alone feeling like they are being over-surveyed. Let’s look at the general steps to a successful customer feedback survey project.
Start with the customer feedback survey design
The first place to look at customer feedback survey is the survey template itself….

How to Deal With Negative Feedback from Customers
As I sip my morning coffee this morning, I am imagining the oldest known written complaint in the history – Complaint tablet to Ea-nasir. I imagine Nanni fuming and Ea-nasir going about his business.  I bet Nanni gave her messenger the instruction to read the tablet to Ea-nasir and then slam him over the head with it….