Be a Data Visualization Badass at Your Next Meeting

At the risk of really showing my age, I’m going to say that you have no idea what it was like sitting in meetings twenty five years ago — hours and hours of flipping through pages and overhead projector presentations (on the chance you don’t know what that is — this is an overhead projector — LOL  I can’t believe they still sell them and you can get one at Staples for $250!  That’s insane!) iStock_000019777742XSmall

But I digress.

What I’m trying to tell you is that being a data badass at meetings is really tough to pull off when you’re in front of the room with overhead projector slides falling out of order and making a mess on the table.  Even modern PowerPoint presentation slides have static graphics that don’t allow you to dig-in based on feedback from meeting participants. If they want to see the data a different way, it’s back to the researcher or analyst (even if that’s you) to slice things differently. But with the QuestionPro App, you can make those adjustments in real-time and answer the question on the spot before a decision is made (or postponed)!

But today — you can be a total badass in your next meeting and get your point across by using the handy – dandy – brand-spankin’ – new QuestionPro interactive data visualization app! Available now on iOS devices. Here

You can download it here from the Apple App Store.

I’ve just downloaded mine from the App Store and is it ever cool!

If you have a QuestionPro account, all you’ll have to do is log in with your credentials and you’ll see all your surveys right there in the app.  Here are a few screen shots from some of my surveys.

As soon as you login to the app, it will synchronize with your account and show you all the surveys that are in your QuestionPro folder:


Here is a shot of the surveys in my QuestionPro account.  You can see the names of the surveys and the number of responses to each of the surveys.

After you click on one of the surveys — you’ll see this fabulous overview screen:


It shows you where the responses came from and the general stats for the survey completions.  At the bottom of the screen are all the questions you’ve asked.  The important part for you to know is that this app works best when you have CHARTS and not open ends.  It won’t do anything with those.

Here is an example of one of the questions:


Now here is the badass part of this — you can spin that pie chart around to see additional data — or the category that goes with the percentage response to the question. You can also use the built-in tools like Compile and Spotlight to make sure the most relevant responses are being highlighted. Select/deselect specific responses and the chart automatically updates!

How I would use this app

As I write this, I’m headed off to a meeting with a client.  Now, we’re going to be talking about some research and I’m going to have this data right there in my hand.  Whenever we have to make a decision such as “Who is our target audience?”  I can click on the app and say something like “Our research shows that 45% of the people we surveyed in this market are engineers.”  This would tell us that we should create the marketing materials with an engineering mindset at the center of our content.

Or let’s say you used the Net Promoter Score question in a customer service survey. The score is typically broken into 3 categories, then used to determine your ‘net’ promoter score:

  • Promoters: nines and tens;
  • Passives: sevens and eights;
  • Detractors: zeros through sixes

Analyzing this, we might say that promoters are great pats on the back, and passives could be completely happy but could be from people who never give nines or tens. But if you really want to make improvements, you need to dive into the detractors. So in the QuestionPro App, I could go into this question, de-select the promoters and passives, and then look at the percentages for just the detractors. All in real-time.


Like I said: b-a-d-a-s-s.


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