“Can I have your signature please? Just with your finger is great. Thanks.”

While this may seem an odd request, it’s often needed. Many areas of business now use a form of verification or acknowledgement sans paper and pen, and surveys are no different – particularly when being gathered/completed on mobile devices.

So by popular demand, we are hereby releasing:

The Signature Question Type!

Here are a few ways this question type could come in handy (pun intended).
– To get signatures for employee documents (saves the whole print-scan-print-again business).
– Signatures for receipt of goods or services or to show work complete.
– To authenticate answers and validate identity.
– For field use with the QuestionPro App for iOS and Android (a form is completed and signature captured in the process).
– Acknowledgement of terms and conditions.
– Signatures for a petition.
– Any other purpose for which you need to capture someone’s signature!

Here’s where you’ll find it:

  • Login » Surveys » Edit Survey
  • Click on the Add Question button
  • Select the Signature question type
  • Edit/format the question text
  • Click Save Question

Now get out there and collect some signatures!