Check Out QuestionPro at Tech Marketing 360

If you’re going to be in Southern California February 18-20, then you’ll want to be sure to catch a few of our QuestionPro team members along with the rest of the marketing mavens over at Tech Marketing 360 in Dana Point. techmktg

What’s it all about?

This is the conference where all of the senior level marketing executives and experts get together to determine the direction and future of what’s going to drive marketing success.

  • At Tech Marketing 360 you’ll learn how to:
  • Develop the right mix of digital and traditional channels
  • Find new ways to scale your messaging and sales enablement at low cost
  • Navigate the change from packaged, on-premise solutions to Cloud-based and subscription models
  • Leverage social and mobile technologies to drive real business outcomes
  • Combine deep subject-matter expertise with the need for horizontal and multi-audience solutions
  • Bridge the gap and learn how to identify, engage with and market to CIOs, IT, developers and other technology-buying decision makers

How does it work?

This conference is so loaded up with experts, speakers and workshops you can’t see it all — so they’ve divided it into session tracks — this way you can see sessions based on your specific interests.

There are three basic tracks:

The New Tech Decision Maker

In today’s market, investment decisions are not made by one “all-powerful” decision maker with a clear title and a pool of funds. Instead, the decision maker is dispersed in the organization and influenced by many different constituencies. Due to the ubiquity of technology in the organization and its role in everything from keeping the lights on to innovation, Developers, IT Professionals, Operations, Finance, LOB executives, and the C-suite are all involved in technology purchase and adoption decisions. This track will help you understand the changing landscape of technology decision making and identify the types of roles that drive decision making in the new world.

Market Like You Mean It

Marketing is increasingly complex given the multitude of new technologies, rapidly changing customer preferences, and the rise of “real-time” marketing. Unfortunately, you are often their own worst enemy, losing sight of simplicity, getting carried away by the trend-du-jour, and neglecting tried and true techniques that have withstood the twin tests of time and technology. Ultimately, you need to find better ways to create spectacular outcomes and lower cost to generate loyalty despite the increasingly number of customer choices, and to build brands even in the era of constant feedback. This track is about destroying newly-minted myths and rediscovering the basics of holistic, impactful, and memorable marketing campaigns.



The CMO is a business leader every bit as much as the CEO. In fact, despite reporting structures, the CMO is often the executive most directly connected to the customer experience and the ongoing loyalty that define great organizations and lasting businesses. Too often, however, the CMO’s domain (marketing) is seen as a cost-center or a “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” bastion of experiments with no results. In the technology sector in particular, nothing could be further from the truth. The modern technology CMO has a diverse skill-set, underscored by a deep knowledge of the intricacies and nuances of the business; in many cases, today’s CEOs were CMOs in their previous roles. This track is devoted offering strategies for you to elevate your role in the organization and to celebrating the CMO’s critical role in business.

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