Combining Survey Data for Advanced Reporting

Combining survey data

Combining Survey Data for Advanced ReportingMy boss conducted two different surveys in our organization to check employee satisfaction, one for the employees and other for their supervisors. There were few similar questions in both surveys. For example, the survey sent out to the Employees had a question –  ‘How satisfied are you with the support received from your supervisors?’. The supervisors then had a similar question – ‘How happy are you with the support provided by the management?’ My boss wanted a consolidated data for all the similar questions. Combining survey data can be tricky as it involves downloading the data from both the surveys and then consolidating the data. However, even if I do that I cannot have this data available in the survey, instead, I would have to maintain the data outside the tool. QuestionPro understands how difficult it would be to combining survey data from different surveys, and hence we have our upcoming ‘Consolidate data’ feature. Using this feature one can easily combine data from different surveys.

In order to copy data from one survey to the other, the question format should be the same. For example, both of the questions should be single select or multi-select etc. Once you select the question you wish to map, the tool automatically shows questions of the similar format. As both of the questions provided above are of similar format, you can easily map these questions and consolidate the data. Combining survey data will ensure that all the data is consolidated in one survey, which will make the reporting much easier. In the above case, after pulling the data into one survey, it would be easier for my boss to analyze the data and get better insights.

Steps for combining survey data

I was so excited that I carried out simple 4 steps for consolidating survey data.

Step 1. First set the survey to which you wish to copy the data to.
Login >> Surveys >> Reports >> Consolidate data

combining survey data2

Step 2. Select the survey from which you wish to copy the data from under ‘Copy data from’ and click on ‘+Add Question Mapping’

Step 3. Select the question you wish to map. The adjacent drop-down will show the questions with the similar format that can be mapped to this question.

Step 4. Click on ‘Consolidate data’
combining survey data

What are the questions supported for ‘Consolidate data’ feature?

The below question types are supported for Consolidate Report Data:

  • All Standard Question Types
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Van Westendorp – Price Sensitivity
  • HotSpot – Image Testing
  • Community Recruitment Question
  • Single and Multi-Tier LookUp table

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