Multilingual Survey Templates – Choose Your Survey Language

Multilingual Survey Templates

Creating multilingual surveys can be tricky at times. QuestionPro understands it and hence we have come up with multilingual surveys templates. Yes, you heard it right, using the readily available multilingual survey templates, you can easily create surveys in different languages. These templates come handy when you do not have time to write your survey or you are in a hurry. You can choose the survey from various categories that are available and easily edit it as well. Using these multilingual survey templates, you can easily create and distribute surveys to your customers  who come from different demographic backgrounds.

What are the different language options available for survey templates?

Below are the different languages available for survey templates:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • French

Where can I find multilingual survey templates?

To get the multilingual survey template, first, select the languages from your profile.

multilingual survey templates

Now, when you create a survey, the survey template will be in the language you selected for your profile!

Multilingual survey template

What are the different survey templates available with QuestionPro?

We have survey templates for categories indicated below:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates: This category has templates about customer satisfaction survey, product surveys, the voice of the customers survey and service evaluation survey.
  • Human Resource Survey templates: This category has templates about employee evaluation survey, training evaluation survey, and job satisfactory survey. Human resource team or the employee satisfaction team can refer these templates for their employees.
  • Marketing Surveys templates: The templates under this category are, new product/concept testing survey, conference feedback survey, focus group recruitment survey, hardware/software survey, and website survey.
  • Customer Service Survey templates: You can use these templates to gather information around your customer base. The templates available under this category are Hotels/Restaurant survey, B2B survey, Retail survey, Travel survey and Health Care survey.
  • Community Survey templates: Social surveys, demographics /psychographics survey, and personal surveys fall under this category.
  • Academic Evaluation Survey templates: Course Evaluation and Training surveys fall under this category.

Try out our brand new feature and choose from the above available templates to create surveys in your language.