Contactless health screening – A how-to guide, use-cases, and free templates

What is contactless health screening?

Contactless health screening is conducted to check if the visitors are fit enough to enter the premises without needing to touch any object at the point of the visit.

Health screens are conducted at many places to make sure that only people free from any infection can enter the building. It is to ensure the health and safety of everyone around them. Most often, it requires people to answer paper-based forms on their health and fitness. The visitors are allowed entry only after ascertaining that they are free from any infection or illness that can spread to others easily.

Contactless health screening transforms this entire process into online surveys. The visitors need to answer the same set of questions from their device before they reach the event location. You can configure your systems to send an automatic approval email to all who clear the online health screening questionnaire.

As contactless surveys are safer than the paper-based screening, authorities are replacing the later with online health screening. To learn more, book a free consultation with us today!


How to conduct contactless health screening?

  1. Create a survey

Choose a survey software and use different question types available to create your questionnaire. Add logic to show only relevant questions to the respondents. For example, assume respondents answer ‘Yes’ to a question asking if they traveled to any country in the past 14 days. They should be asked further questions on their travel history. However, if the respondents answer ‘No’, the survey should not ask questions related to past travel.

Customize the look and feel of the survey to reflect your brand. You can add a logo, header, footer, and customize fonts to improve the appeal.

2. Distribute the survey

While a survey software offers many distribution methods, hosting a survey on your website can be the easiest way. You can also share the survey link through email or QR code. Respondents should take the survey from their device within the two hours before reaching the location.

3. Analyze results

Once the respondents answer all the questions, send an automatic approval email from the survey software if they have cleared the test. The respondents should show this email at the reception to enter the building. The receptionist can compare the name in the email with the badge to validate the identity. Or feed the survey results to your access control system so that only those cleared the test can swipe their card. You can also generate reports in the survey tool to get the number of people who cleared the health screening check.

Use cases

  1. Contactless health screening template for general surveys

Below is the survey template you can use for screening visitors at any place. You can ask them to show an approval email or an email with their survey results.


2. Contactless health screening template for Airlines

Use below contactless health screening questionnaire while the passengers book tickets or are about to report for boarding the flight. Airlines can request them to show the approval email before handing them over the boarding passes.


3. Contactless health screening template for an Expo

Use the below survey template to check if the visitors have any COVID-19 symptoms. This free questionnaire can also be used for conferences and other corporate meetings.


4. Contactless health screening template for returning to school

Be sure the students are free from any illness and are fit to return to school. Check the level of confidence of students and collect data for actionable insights. Design processes and protocols that ensure the health and safety of students and staff at schools.


5. Contactless health screening template for returning to work

Use this template to check if the employees are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms. Let them and their co-workers be safe with a declaration that they are fit and healthy to return to work.


Benefits of contactless procedures

  • Minimize in-person interaction: There is hardly any possibility of physical interaction between the visitors and the authorities at the premises. As the complete process is online, contactless health screening is quite safe.
  • Analyze data online: You can know the number of people who cleared the screening and design policies and processes accordingly. For instance, if you have too many people who could not pass the test, then it indicates that it may not be the best time to reopen the business premises.
  • Hassle-free automated process: You can configure the survey software to send reminder emails if they haven’t taken the screening test yet. It will ensure that no visitor arrives at the location without passing the test.

If you want more information about how to conduct a health screening that does not require in-person interaction, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help.