Managing accounts and sub-accounts now made easy with this new update to QuestionPro CX

Conducting customer surveys to enrich your customer experience (CX) is most crucial. What’s even more important is sharing that data with relevant managers and colleagues. All relevant departments should be privy to customer data. Customer satisfaction or experience cannot be improved by just one function or department; it is a collective effort from all teams – sales, marketing, finance, support, etc.

We at QuestionPro know how important it is to share customer satisfaction survey data with your colleagues. We’ve now made it easy for administrators with our latest feature update – User and role management. We observed that many of the CX administrators were unable to provide a set of permissions to access specific resources to a user or a sub-account. Sub-account users had access to survey management analytics, deployment, and closed-loop feedback. What we saw was the main account user was limited to share relevant access with other users. Furthermore,sub-account users had unnecessary access to several modules leading to confusion and errors.

Let us quickly look at an example to see how this new feature will help CX managers. Consider an administrator who is responsible for managing customer experience surveys with their team. They want to limit the access of CX features to their colleagues since all of the team members have the same level of access to features in their accounts.

With the new user and role management feature, administrators can:

  • Create and edit roles
  • Specify the permissions while creating roles
  • Create users with specific roles or assign these roles to users

This new user and role management feature should certainly help you better manage your data, access to that data, assign roles and permissions to relevant team members, and improve team collaboration and efficiency.

We’ve put together steps that you can follow for role and user management.

Role management

You can find the option to manage roles under the organization. 


You should find the option to manage roles in there.


You can assign the role a name and the access to what features you wish.


You can individually select access from five different survey management levels, as shown below.

List of roles