Deeper In-app Insights

As a follow up to the recent webinar we did, we had a lot of follow-up questions around understanding product usage at a deeper level.  The typical questions you can answer using a product analytics platform are the following:

  • What percentage of our user base have been active in the past day, week, or month?
  • What amount of sign-ups from 3 months ago are still active this month, and who are they?
  • Who was online in the last few days?
  • What are our most used features?

If you want help with feature prioritization, we suggested using MaxDiff  which helps with answering questions like: “Which product features have the highest relevance for purchase intention?” or, “Which features have the highest brand or product fit?”.

But even with that, what cannot be answered are:

  • How can we improve a particular feature to help with increasing feature usage?
  • What one modification we can do to improve your workflow by 100%?
  • Why are you not using feature X?

          Adaptive Product Feedback

This requires a deeper level of understanding your users and having a “Just in time” conversation.

A conversation after they go down a certain path in your product or after they finish using a certain feature.  One of the most powerful ways to interact with a user is to use “adaptive product feedback”.  In the simplest form, it’s a survey tied to a product funnel where the options are crowdsourced from the users.

This will replace simple in-app polling and traditional feature rating scales to define feature importance. Respondents review & rate others’ product ideas for interactive, real-time results. A way to gathers and prioritize open-ended product feedback is easily done with this approach. The most important thing is that you get answers to questions you don’t even know to ask.

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