20 must-ask distance learning survey questions for parents

Distance learning or remote learning is here to stay, at least until we have a viable vaccine for COVID-19. There seem to be many apprehensions and questions about the effectiveness of distance learning among students and parents. Some of the main concerns are student engagement, curriculum management, the social and emotional well-being of students, etc. Both parents and teachers share these concerns; the Coronavirus pandemic has forced schools and other educational institutions to rethink their learning models. 

To alleviate some of the anxiety teachers have regarding remote learning, we’ve compiled a list of essential questions you need to ask parents. These parents survey questions will help assess parents’ readiness for remote schooling and how they can make necessary adjustments or changes to make students most comfortable about distance learning.

Vital must-ask distance learning survey questions for parents

1) What kind of internet access does your home have?

2) Do data limit your internet access?

3) Do all adults in your family work?

4) Are you comfortable picking up all supplies necessary for your child’s/children’s distance learning? 

5) If the school decided to send supplies necessary for distance learning, which one of the options would you prefer?

6) How soon do you feel you will be comfortable with your child/children returning to school?

7) How happy are you with the apps/platforms used for distance learning?

8) Rate your distance learning experience so far.

9) What more can we do to improve our distance learning initiatives?

10) How worried are you about your child/children’s social-emotional health?

11) Do you feel the communication is smooth between students and teachers?

12) Are you confident your child will make adequate academic progress through remote learning?

13) How frequently do you assist your child with their schoolwork?

14) What medium do you prefer the school to communicate with you?

15) How can your district support you in making distance learning a success?

16) In the past 3-4 weeks, how often has your child interacted spoken with teachers or other members of the educational facility?

17) Do you feel the communication is smooth between parents and teachers?

18) How anxious are you about your child/children’s peer relationships due to physical and social distancing?

19) What advice would you give the teachers to improve student engagement?

20) Additional questions or comments

Parents must talk to their kids regularly and check in on them about remote learning. It is essential to ensure distance learning works, and the kids get the same amount of fun and learning as they would in regular school. Parents need to ensure students have all the necessary tools and technology to make distance learning success. It’s not clear by when we may have a COVID-19 vaccine and return to regular schools. Till then, stay safe!