Does this feedback tab make my page look fat?

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Have you noticed anything new on our blog posts recently? Look over to the right. See that blue “Feedback” tab? Go ahead and click on it…

Slick, isn’t it? Want one for your own website?

Website feedback surveys

If you’ve always wanted your very own website feedback tab, now is your chance to get one! It’s as easy as create a survey, go to Send Survey –> Website Embed –> Website Feedback Tab, tweak to your heart’s content (want it on the left? right? what color do you want the tab to be? what should the tab say?), and then copy the code, paste it in your page, and you’re ready to collect feedback!

Okay….but won’t my feedback tab clutter my page?

In a word – no. The tab is pretty sleek and doesn’t take up much web real-estate.

What’s the benefit of the tab?

  1. It is always present. If someone feels like providing feedback at any time, they can.
  2. The tab gives your visitors a first stop before going to their own social media channels to provide suggestions for improvement.
  3. The presence of the feedback tab invites visitor engagement. It’s like you’re saying, “No, really, we want to hear from you. Please. Any time!”
  4. Catch things that need to be changed on your page earlier, rather than later.
  5. It tells your audience you’re listening.
  6. Just like a customer satisfaction survey that is always open, you can get trend analysis for your page.
  7. Measure effectiveness, efficiency, usability — choose one and measure it!

What should I ask?

To begin, let’s review that last item in the list above: measure effectiveness, efficiency, usability — choose one and measure it. To really be effective, the feedback survey should be short and to the point. Don’t try to measure too much at once, like trying to measure both usability (“Was it obvious where to check out?”) and effectiveness (“Did you find what you were looking for?”) in the same survey. At best, you’ll end up with one question per measure which may leave you wishing you’d gathered a bit more information about each (“Where would you have expected to find the check-out area?” or “What were you looking for?”), and at worst, you’ll end up with a really long survey that will turn users off and leave them with a poor experience.

What you ask also depends on the page on which you’re going to be conducting that feedback survey. For example, you would want to ask about the check-out process on the check-out page, rather than the catalog. It also depends on what you are able or willing to change. Don’t ask about page design if you’re unable – or unwilling – to change it.

Now, let’s look at some ideas of individual questions you could ask for various categories of measure. Each of these would be measured on a 5-point scale and should be modified to be as neutral as possible to avoid leading the respondent. For example, instead of “I found what I was looking for” with an agreement rating scale, you could phrase it as, “I found what I was looking for…” and list answers as, “Extremely easily; very easily; easily; somewhat easily; not at all easily.”

Website Survey Best Practices: KISS!Usability

  • The page layout made sense to me.
  • I found what I was looking for.


  • The information listed answered my question.
  • The information was useful.
  • What key words would you use to find this information?


  • I could find what I needed quickly.
  • The information was clear.
  • The number of clicks to reach this page were…(too many – what I expected).


  • I liked the colors used on the page.
  • I could tell the difference between headers and paragraph text.
  • The images were relevant to the content.

NOTE: Using an optional open-ended text question can be very helpful as well!>strong>

I want to learn more!

This month’s Special Free Training will be March 31, 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern, and will be all about website feedback surveys! We’ll show you the feedback tab, pop-up surveys, and exit surveys, and we’ll share more about what to ask and the benefits to using each type of website feedback survey. Register today!