How employee engagement surveys in India are helping create winning work cultures

How employee engagement surveys in India are helping create winning work cultures

Employee engagement is the corner stone for creating a dynamic and inclusive work force. The millennial employees today have been inspired by the work culture of the likes of Google and Facebook where productivity has been shown to propel and not hinder by creating an employee friendly ambiance.

Over the last 10 years, these new age companies have shown India that engaged employees will make you money and dis-engaged employees will cost you money. Organizations of all sizes and industry segments are today beginning to embrace the new face of the millennial workforce – intellectual, inclusive, free and dynamic.

The stringent rules that once bound Indian employees to tiny cubicles and formal dress codes have now been replaced by open offices and casual wears. After all, when Mark Zuckerberg can close billion dollar partnership deals in sandals, jeans and round-neck t-shirts while still in his 20s, the most obvious fact is highlighted, which is, business is done with brains and not white collars and suits.

Employee engagement survey is the most effective way to communicate with your employees and “listen” to them in real-time. Concise and precise questions can be more powerful than an hour long one-on-one talk with them. Employees feel much freer to answer questions over their desk or mobile instead of being sat down face to face with their boss or HR head. This in turn results in more accurate data capture for final analysis.

Moreover, employee engagement starts with asking the right question to your employees. The old way of “let’s do it and see” method is not just an abuse of time but a loss of money as well.

Nearly 3-5% of any company’s budget goes into HR activities, which in some cases can be multi-million dollar checks cut out with the intension of seeing real and measurable results. This has now been made easy with intelligent employee survey software that enable data-oriented decision making. HR and management can now even measure minute shifts in employee morale and organization workforce health with smart employee analytics.